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​Dharma Drum Institute of Liberal Arts

Doctor of Buddhist Studies (PhD.A.)

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Taught in Chinese

The department of Buddhist Studies doctoral program was established in 2012, admitting three to four students each year. The program’s course work focuses on the theme of Buddhist Meditation Traditions and Contemporary Society (佛教禪修傳統與現代社會) and guides students in their exploration of the following issues related to the history and contemporary uses of Buddhist contemplative practices:

• Origins and development of Buddhist meditative traditions
• Comparison and dialogue between traditions
• Theory and practice
• Contemporary applications and critical-reflection

To broaden the students’ horizons and encourage comparative research, students choose both a primary and secondary area of specialization. Students are expected to develop the capacity to use a wide range of methodological approaches in their research of Buddhist meditative traditions. In addition to acquiring the language skills necessary for textual work, students are encouraged to develop an interdisciplinary outlook and make use of tools from the digital humanities or consult relevant literature from the fields of cognitive science.


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