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Ching Kuo Institute of Management and Health

高齡照顧福祉系 Department of Senior Citizen Care and Welfare

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1.培育老人各種服務產業的多樣化人才,從高齡化產業發展的角度,再延伸出相關老人的服務產業人才的培育,以提高學生的就業競爭力。 2.培養學生以『人本服務』與『人性關懷』的專業知能,以提昇學生因應老人服務事業市場的人才素質,重視課程的實務經驗,培育學生不但是老人服務事業管理人才,亦是老人社會福祉的社工人才。 行動不便、機能障礙、患有隱性病(如癲癇等)及患有法定傳染病者,宜審慎考慮,以免影響將來學習及就業。
In response to the aging society, there will be a pressing demand for caring about the health and social work of the elderly as developing relevant health care business. The Department of Senior Citizen Service Management meet the needs to develop both professional and practical specialists. Our department cooperates with many excellent elderly social welfare institutes and companies to help students obtain employment.
1. Senior Citizen Business Management Track:
Management, Long Term Care, Introduction of Senior Citizen Service business, Marketing Management, Analysis of Senior Citizen Business, Nutrition for Elderly, Senior Citizen Business Management, etc.
2. Senior Citizen Social Work Track
Introduction to Social Work, Methodology of Social Work, Introduction of Social Welfare, Program Design and Assessment, Social Care Work, Social Work Group Work, Administration of Social Work, Social Work Internships, etc.


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