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Ching Kuo Institute of Management and Health

美容流行設計系 Dept. of Cosmetology and Fashion Design

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培育健康美容及時尚造型等健康美麗產業之全方位專業人才。 系科特色 一、提供健康美容、造型設計及化妝品應用等專業課程,培育具健康美麗產業實務的專業人才。 二、培養學生符合國際需求的技術水準,並輔導通過國內及國外之証照,具備國際美容師、造型師之資格。 就業升學管道 一、擔任化妝品產業調配、品管、行銷、研發人員。 二、彩妝、美甲、影視媒體造型、形象、新娘秘書、整體造型師等。 三、SPA 美療師、芳療師、理療師、健康美容諮詢專業人員及美容職校、美 容校外教育單位之技術老師。 四、繼續升學化妝品科技、自然醫學、生活應用、流行設計、視覺傳達、健康 產業管理等相關領域的研究所。
To provide the professional skills in the fields of health care, styling and cosmetics, and to cultivate the professionals in the fields of health and beauty.
The aim of our department is to cultivate professionals in beauty service industry with all-aspect of aesthetic and styling skills and knowledge.
Base on core curricula to advanced curricula and separated from healthy beauty and Image modeling program module.
Professional teachers on cosmetics technology, image modeling, beauty and health field to enhance students in professional knowledge and ability for further education and related fields of capacity. Course are designed to provide fundamental studies in beauty service industry, enabling students to further enhance their education via advanced courses so as to enter the industry with the latest professional knowledge and with high competitiveness.


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