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Ching Kuo Institute of Management and Health

護理系 Dept. of Nursing

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1.本學系的教育目標明確,且配合全校的發展目標與社會潮流需求,由全系教師討論訂定。結合學校重視人文、生態、健康的整體營造,本系不斷朝課程領域規劃、跨領域研究計畫與增聘新進師資的方向努力,持續提昇本系科之成長動力,在學生的學習獲得相當不錯的助益與成果。 2.課程規劃重視護理專業核心素養之培育,課程中規劃臨床照護與社區照護(包括健康促進、疾病預防、與長期照顧)二大領域。入學學生須完成所規定之臨床護理實習時數始得畢業。行動不便、機能障礙、患有隱性病(如癲癇等)及患有法定傳染病者,宜審慎考慮,以免影響將來學習及就業。
Nursing department has been established for 45 years. We keep high-quality nursing education, and foster many excellent nursing professionals. Graduates from our department can immediately take the national exams for Registered Nurse and work at the medical centers or teaching hospital with satisfactory salaries and professional recognition. In the future, nursing graduates may pursue graduate studies or professional development in nursing career.
Department & Division Features
1. Male and female students are both welcome.
2. Nursing curriculums emphasizes theory and skills applicable to health maintenance and illness prevention and community health.
3. Clinical experience are arranged in a variety of community settings as well as distinguished hospitals, such as National Taiwan University Hospital, Yadong medical center, Wanfang Medical Center, Cardinal Tien Medical Center, General Hospitals of Department of health, Taipei City Hospitals…etc, and other leading health care institutions.
4. Upon graduation, students are qualified for the national exams for Registered Nurse in Taiwan, USA and Australia.


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