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National Taitung University

特殊教育學系 Department of Special Education

Program Level
Bachelor / Master
Language of instruction
Under 50% taught in English
Fall / Spring


Founded in August, 1997, the Department of Social Education (DSE) has been providing courses and training both on special education and on elementary education, an effort to cultivate future teachers applying theory into practice. In a joint effort with the university’s Special Education Center, the DSE promotes the research and life-long education programs of special education. The result of which is the launch of special education summer MA programs for in-service teachers in July, 2000, and the launch of MA programs in August, 2004.


The aim of the DSE is whole-person education. Consequently, in addition to taking special education courses within the university, DSE students are required to participate a wide range of volunteer work that involves care for the disabled and environmental protection, an effort to foster the compassion in the students. On top of that, the DSE collaborates with medical institutes and educational organizations as well as nursing homes for the disabled from either public or private sectors. The collaboration is an effort for the students to improve their knowledge and ability in special education in order to render our students capable teachers who are excellent in theory and in practice. It is also an effort to boost independent thinking, life-long learning, and multiple intelligence in the students.


The issues the DSE involves are as follows:
-The identification, instruction and counseling of students of special education.
-The improvement of teaching strategies, diagnosis instrument, research and development of teaching material and of special education.
-Development of professional ability in relevant fields such as rehabilitation and medical care.
-Counseling for the acquisition of teacher’s certificates and teacher’s qualification tests.


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