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I-Shou University

School of Chinese medicine for post baccalaureate學士後中醫學系

Program Level
Language of instruction
Under 50% taught in English

◇ Brief Introduction
The School of Chinese Medicine for Post Baccalaureate was established on August 1, 2010, and the School recruits 45 college graduates every academic year since then.

◇ Mission Statement and Educational Objective
The School aspires to cultivate doctors of Chinese medicine that are equipped with knowledge of both Chinese medicine and Western medicine.

The educational objective of the School is to nurture professional talents in various areas, including Chinese medical treatment, clinical practice of Chinese medicine, medical engineering, and the research & development of biotechnology.

To achieve the educational objective of the School, students recruited by the School shall possess at least a bachelor’s degree. The School aims to train students to be equipped with basic theories and skills of Chinese medicine, the ability to combine knowledge of both Chinese medicine and Western medicine as well as the ability to conduct academic research and interdisciplinary research.

◇ Faculty
The School currently has 9 full-time faculty members, including 4 professors, 1 associate professor and 4 assistant professors. All faculty members are experienced in teaching and clinical practice, and they teach Chinese medicine, medicine and other relevant courses.

◇ Curriculum Design
The graduation credits required by the School are 233, including 220 required credits and 13 elective credits. The credits required by the School include 43 credits for basic courses and 177 credits for professional skills courses. For elective courses, the School offers two special tracks, including medical engineering and biotechnology (6 credits for each track respectively), and other elective courses (7 credits in total). Students shall earn all credits required by the School, 6 credits for either special track and 7 credits for other elective courses before graduation.


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