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National Chengchi University

International College of Innovation (ICI) -- International BA Program

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Above 90% taught in English

ICI integrates the best resources available across disciplines and nations to develop front-running teaching models. The bridging of domestic and international contexts allows us to design courses that inspire innovations, and creative thinking. Adaptable and concurrent with current issues and trends, our curriculum structure empowers students’ analytic skills to address global issues (e.g. climate changes, global health governance, artificial intelligence, technology and human rights) from multiple perspectives. ICI invites international stakeholders or world-renowned scholars for lectures and seminars.

Students in their 1st and 2nd year do not have specific majors. Students would choose 3 elective courses covering 2 of the 3 specializations (Globalization & Democratic Governance, Asian Society and Sustainable Development, and Global Technology & Innovation Management) in the 3rd year. They may choose to engage in exchange programs in their 4th year and are generally encouraged to take internships at domestic or overseas governmental/non-governmental institutes and enterprises. ICI’s tailor-made curriculum structure aims to inspire students’ creative solutions for global issues.


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