University & Program

National Central University

Graduate Institute of Materials Science & Engineering

Program Level
Master / Doctoral
Language of instruction
50% taught in English
Fall / Spring

The Institute of Materials Science and Engineering (IMSE) at National Central University (NCU) was founded in August, 2005, and currently offers both master and doctoral programs.

The long term aim of our institute is to establish a world-class materials science research teaching unit. As for short term, we focus on developing renewable energy and hydrogen related technology by combining different fields of research within NCU, such as nano-structures, catalysts, energy, and environment. Hydrogen production, solar cells, LEDs, fuel cells, secondary batteries, and supercapacitors are our important topics.

IMSE currently consists of 7 faculties, 1 chair professor, 5 joint faculties, and 2 adjunct faculties. In addition to the institute office , there are individual offices for all the professors in IMSE. Superior integration with the Center of Precision Instruments has provided the necessary facilities for materials studies, fully supporting our high-quality and advanced research.


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