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National Central University

Graduate Institute of Construction Engineering & Management

Program Level
Master / Doctoral
Language of instruction
50% taught in English
Fall / Spring


The Institute of Construction Engineering and Management of National Central University (NCU) was founded in 2001 under the approval of the Ministry of Education, R.O.C. The Institute was formerly the Construction Engineering and Management Division, established in 1991, of the Department of Civil Engineering at NCU. Following the successful development of the Division, the Institute continues to grow vigorously in all dimensions owing to the tremendous need of the country for the domain knowledge of construction engineering and management. Currently, there are five full time faculty members, 30 Master students, and 9 Doctorate students in the Institute. Supporting faculty and courses for graduate studies also provided by the Civil Engineering Department.


The mission of our institute is to cultivate outstanding leaders, professional management and research talents for the construction industry. The educational goals of our institute is as following:
1. To develop sound professional knowledge and skills
2. To develop innovation and research capability
3. To develop team-work and leadership mindset
4. To develop vision of sustainability and sentiments of service and contribution

The Institute in the future shall progress on the following goals:

Promote professional education:
a. Construction site superintendent training class.
b. Project procurements training class.
c. Senior project manager training class.
d. Construction disputes and arbitration class.

Conduct special conferences:
a. Construction and management conferences for discussion of research results.
b. International project management conference.

Establish Internationalized programs:
a. Courses taught in English.
b. Exchange students to foreign countries.


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