University & Program

National Central University

Department of Civil Engineering

Program Level
Master / Doctoral
Language of instruction
50% taught in English
Fall / Spring

Department of Civil Engineering of National Central University (NCUCE) is committed to provide the highest quality education to students interested in civil engineering. NCUCE has a vigorous and diverse education and research program in several disciplines in the field. Our goals are to prepare our students with a technical background anchored in the fundamentals of civil engineering together with the breadth of related knowledge needed to follow diverse career paths in civil engineering and other professions. Our goals include:

1. To provide a firm foundation in math, science and engineering which underlie all technological development so that our students will be well equipped to adapt to changing technology in the profession.

2. To provide the broad and fundamental technical base needed by students who plan to pursuit advanced study in a specialized area, but also provide the suitable preparation and training to those who choose to enter the professional work force with an undergraduate degree.

3. To provide the breadth and choices in our programs that can accommodate students not only with different technical objectives, but those who will use their technical background to follow other career paths.


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