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Our department is unique among Taiwan's English departments in terms of both the diversity of its specializations and the freedom it gives students to pursue a strong concentration in their area of interest. To this end, our dedicated faculty offer a wide range of undergraduate courses in literature, cultural studies, linguistics, writing, oral training, and other skills-based subjects designed to provide students with the fluency, cultural background and critical wherewithal necessary to excel in today's rapidly changing world. With 17 full-time tenured faculty on our staff, our approximately 220 English majors and 40 graduate students enjoy one of the most favorable student-teacher ratios on the island. Our undergraduate lecture courses rarely exceed 30 students, our writing and oral training courses are capped at 20 students, and our graduate seminars average 5-10 students per course.

As home to the Center for the Study of Sexualities, the Film Studies Center, and the Research Center for Theater and Performance Studies, our graduate program is well-known for its scholarship and teaching in these research areas, making it one of the most innovative graduate programs in East Asia. While many of our seminars are devoted to topics in these areas, we also offer a broad selection of graduate courses in critical theory and literature, both traditional and contemporary, within as well as outside the established canon.

Our department places great emphasis on preparing students for graduate studies in their specific field of interest. Many of our English majors have gone on to establish careers in education, publishing, public relations, journalism, business, government, and many other professions. In recent years more and more of our graduates have elected to pursue advanced studies abroad and have succeeded in gaining admission to some of the most select graduate programs in the United States, Great Britain, and elsewhere. Of the 48 students who graduated from our undergraduate program in 2005, a quarter are now studying in graduate programs abroad, and many more are enrolled in graduate programs here in Taiwan.

For more details about our programs, curriculum, faculty and student body, click the appropriate link. You may address your inquiries to any faculty member or the chair. Again, welcome to the NCU Department of English.


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