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National Tsing Hua University

Tsing Hua College International Bachelor Degree Program: International Chinese language with multiple disciplines

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This curriculum is designed to be a 4-year program for international students and overseas Chinese students who are not native speakers of Chinese. Students who finish the program will be granted the degree of “Bachelor of Arts” or the degree of “Bachelor of Science.” This curriculum offers a variegated route of study, so as to help develop students’ proficiency in Chinese and their competitive abilities in professional encounters in international societies.
The curriculum in the first and second years focuses on professional Chinese language. Students admitted will be placed in different class groups according to their Chinese-language proficiency.
In the third and fourth years, the curriculum is more flexibly designed so as to help students develop their needs and interests to get along, in their 3rd-4th curriculum years, with three profession priorities.
1. Students are free to take their priority of the First Profession courses and the Second Profession ones.
2. Students will take the “Applied–professional Courses” and the “Humanities-social Sciences Courses” which are specifically designed for them.
3. Students will take school-designed English-speaking courses in science and the liberal arts.


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