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Department of Travel Industry Management

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History: Department of Travel Industry Management was founded in 2008 and will recruit four-year college students of the day division.

Objective: Holding the holistic education, and cooperating with policies of government and industrial demands. Equipping students with abilities of innovation and entrepreneurship, tourism programming, and service management in order to make students possess professional knowledge and to help them deal with keener and keener competition. On the basis of this objective, the course design is based on tourism innovation and programming, and also includes general curricula about humanities, creativity and foreign languages. The specific objectives are as follows.
1. Emphasizing career ethics, and teaching students to learn employee engagement well.
2. Equipping students with viewpoints of internationalization, entrepreneurship, and abilities of innovation. Teaching students to combine theorem with practice.
3. Equipping students with abilities of tourism programming.
4. Equipping students with abilities of tourism innovation.

Future Development: In view of the development of global tourism industry, every country gradually combines natural resources with local culture to promote the development of tourism. Next to FEU is Tainan Science Industrial Park. This is the strongest point. The development of this department will benefit greatly from this advantage. In order to cooperate with the development of the major industries, these professional personnel about the tourism industry will be cultivated actively. And the thoughts about the innovative service management will be introduced to promote the application of information technology and multimedia. Therefore, the goal of tourism without frontiers will be achieved, and the added value about the tourism will be promoted, too. The main point of development will focus on human-based, intelligent, mobile, comfortable and safe service management. And the cultivation of the tourism professional personnel with the abilities of innovation and entrepreneurship will be attained in order to meet the future demand of diverse job markets.


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