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Interdisciplinary Program of Science

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Interdisciplinary Program of Science
The program aims to cultivate talented individuals who have an international perspective and an appropriate scientific background across fields. According to the students’ aptitude and interest, they can select one of the core courses offered by mathematics, physics, and chemistry as their first expertise, and then take courses for second expertise offered by other departments in our college or different colleges. In addition, the university will assist the students in doing further study or internships at any top university or research institution in the world.
Characteristics: 1. Highly flexible program: The first year courses are common, e.g. general physics, general chemistry, calculus, etc. During the sophomore year, students take specific courses in the core subjects of mathematics, chemistry, and physics, to build a solid science background. In the junior year, students will take other courses at the college of Science or at departments from other colleges according to their aptitude and interests. Seniors can take advanced courses or a campus-wide program. 2. Counseling service: Starting from the freshman year, all students will be advised about their lives and academic work by professors called mentors from different fields. 3. Case studies: students are encouraged and advised to carry out case studies as early as possible. They are free to choose any interdisciplinary research topics and will be taught by a number of professors from various departments, in order to nurture creative and talented individuals across various fields. 4. Study abroad: Sophomore and junior students will have trips arranged for them to world-class universities. This will be in the summer as an exchange program to develop international perspective and enhance creativity for their dual expertise in interdisciplinary fields and their technological talent. 5. Degree with double expertises: all students are granted a degree where the two expertises are marked.


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