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Shu-te University

Shu-te University

經營管理研究所 Graduate School of Business and Administration

Program Level
Language of instruction
Under 50% taught in English
Fall / Spring

The long-range period of development plan for the program is as follows:
In academic aspects:

1, Divisions into the specific professional fields such as: financial management, marketing management, human resource management, strategic management, production management, information management, international business management, international trade management, leisure management, hospitality management; all of them are intend to make the students have a learning process smoothly while at the same time beneficially them choosing their own study interests in the field.

2, Being for academic research cooperation and for the exchange of faculty and students, with the educational units of mainland China.

3, Being for academic research cooperation and for the exchange of faculty and students, with the educational units of international countries

In practice linkages:
1, Strategic alliances with business partnerships in order to help the students link with the job marketplace.
2, Welcome for Taiwanese business community setting in mainland China to visit the program, in order to foster the cross-strait economic and trade professionals.
3,Collaboration with traditional industry of southern Taiwan, in order to upgrade them the business performance.

Beyond the up-to-now Day toward the Futures
We are now facing the big challenges as the ways of the industrial shifts by upgrading technology and restructuring economy. Because of being the relocate resources from the traditional industries into the high competitiveness as being in the age of World Trade Organization (WTO), here the program carries out the essentiality of fostering the students to meet the inquire of professional level in business management, so that they are able to help enterprises adapt the challenges through the problem-solution knowledge they learn from here. In the near future days, the program of Shu-Te University will be extended through the more and more people (e.g., the faculty of Management School, business people, relevant stakeholders) who are motivated by the extra involvements of its educational support into the efforts of beneficial students.


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