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電競產業管理學士學位學程Bachelor program of E-Sport Industry Management

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E-Sports related activities and participation at home and abroad are increasing day by day. More than 40 countries have listed e-sports as a formal sports event. South Korea and the mainland regard e-sports as a part of industrial development. According to the NewZoo report, the global game production value reached US$91.5 billion in 2015 and will reach US$113.5 billion in 2018. E-sports games have been regarded as the star industry of the new generation in the world. The related industries cover game agents, recording, art design and exclusive equipment. And the broadcast platform, etc., the relevant talents need to be cultivated. Based on this, the school will set up a new "E-sports Industry Management" degree program in 107 years, recruiting high-level design, business management and power-related groups, and integrating four major areas of expertise in the field of e-sports industry: Network hardware platform, game content production, event content production, digital marketing and communication, providing complete technical talents in the industry.

In addition to conducting e-sports practice, the course is also in line with the e-sports industry and related game companies, and invites international e-sports players to conduct intensive lectures and teaching. Connect the video game industry through mandatory courses to allow students to plan their direction early. The core compulsory courses are "E-sports Practice" from the first to the third year. They are divided into "Preliminary, Intermediate and Advanced" as the core training courses for e-sports players. Compulsory courses also include the operation of electric competitions, the observation of international organizations and competitions, the formation of referees and coaches, and the development of e-sports organizations. The electives are divided into three categories: "Game Industry Design and Game Testing Analysis", "Information Management and Multimedia Applications", "Event Curation and Media Marketing Planning". In the last semester, students will be placed in the industry for at least half a year of internships under the "Industry Practice Internship" course.




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