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Shu-Te University

建築與室內設計研究所Graduate School of Architecture and Interior Department

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Fall / Spring

The GAID (Graduate School of Architecture and Interior Design) integrates the resources of Interior Design and Architecture-environmental Design under the framework of Design College. The ultimate goal is to develop and educate the graduate school students with a more holistic view and understanding of both architecture and interior sciences. The goal of the curriculum is to establish the advanced knowledge and application for students under the scope of a “sustainable built environment and healthy human living space.”

Under the framework of the GAID, three modules of research fields have been established: Culture and Heritage Renovation, Architecture and Land Development, and Interior Design and Digital Environmental Solutions, which faces the future trends of sustainability. The GAID is also the first graduate institute integrating landscape, urban/rural development, building science, cultural theory, interior design, and arts in the southern part of Taiwan.

The curriculum features professional learning consisting of integrated planning, theories, research, practice, assessment, analysis as well as focus of qualitative and quantitative research abilities. It is expected that advanced professional experts in this field are incubated for future contribution to sustainable built environment.



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