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應用外語系Department of Applied Foreign Languages

Program Level
Language of instruction
50% taught in English
Fall / Spring



1. 必修外語課程小班教學。
2. 協助學生考取國際外語能力證照(TOEIC, BULATS, TOEFL)與商管證照(LCCIEB)。
3. 教室皆配置數位講台,教師可方便使用多媒體輔助教學。
4. 完善專業口譯與多媒體電腦教室。
5. 依據學生外語能力評量結果,實施補救教學或榮譽課程。

(Department of Applied Foreign Language )
I. The history of our department
The DAFL was established in 1997. At present, we recruit one daytime class of 50 freshmen every year. And we have about 240 students now. The purpose of establishing this department is to train up outstanding foreign language professionals on practical affairs. It expects to afford the increasing needs of many profession and career, such as international business, English commercial correspondence management, bilingual teaching, tourism and traveling, foreign affairs, public relations and reception.

II. The objective and curriculum of education
The major curriculum focus on international business and traveling English. We provide curriculum to learn how to teach English and Chinese too. Besides English, we also offer the second foreign language learning such as Japanese, French, Spanish and Korean. We also instruct and reward students to take the relative exams of English ability and professional certification to promote the competition of obtaining employment.

Besides, we encourage students to take other department’s optional professional courses of other domain in order to integrate the foreign language skills and professional knowledge. It only wants to cultivate the outstanding professionals of foreign language.

III. The distinguishing feature of the department
1. The small group teaching for obligatory courses.
2. We help students to pass the certification exams of international foreign ability (TOEIC, BULATS, TOEFL) and business management (LCCIEB).
3. There is a digital table in every classroom to provide teacher to achieve multimedia assisted teaching.
4. We equip faultless professional oral translation classroom and multimedia computer classroom.
5. According to the result of assessment on student’s foreign language ability, we further carry out the remedial teaching or honor curriculum.


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