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Shu-Te University

兒童與家庭服務系 Department and Graduate School of Child Care and Family Studies

Program Level
Bachelor / Master
Language of instruction
Taught in Chinese
Fall / Spring

Our vision is to foster child care and education professionals with Holistic Education concept to provide child care and educations founded on strengthened society and family. As the social changes, the family functions also changed and weakened while the Pluralism families emerged. In recent years, social welfare policy became family oriented and community family service center institutionalized, the need for family service professionals will increase gradually.
We were once known as Department of Child Care , focused on fostering child care skills and related professional knowledge. In light of the deep influences family and community functions have on child development, the department incorporated family and community services into professional training in 2009 and renamed as Department of Child Care and Family Studies. We are dedicated to provide our students as many meaningful opportunities as we can to lead and serve in diverse cultures and communities and also become more competitive.




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