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Aletheia University

Department of Air Transport Industry

Program Level
Language of instruction
Taught in Chinese
Fall / Spring

1. Civil aviation industry: We provide training and knowledge of air carrier/airlines, general aviation, airfreight forwarder, air cargo entrepot, airport ground handling service, catering service.
2. Faculty members: Our professors are equipped with rigorous theoretical training and practical experience.
3. Course structure: The curriculum ranges from civil aviation, management science to foreign language.
4. Career perspective: Our students are highly desirable in civil aviation industry and tourism industry.
5. Physical facility: We are furnished with abundant and diverse resources.
6. Foreign language: We place a focus on foreign language communication in civil aviation industry.
7. Internship: Internships are provided in real-life working environment in civil aviation industry.
8. Wise choice: Open your wings and Fly with us.


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Office of International Affairs
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