University & Program

Aletheia University

Department of Sport Management

Program Level
Bachelor / Master
Language of instruction
Taught in Chinese
Fall / Spring

We equip students with the theory of management, relevant skills, and methods, a know-how on the major functions of planning, organization, personnel, leadership, and controlling, by utilizing the human resources, material resources, and financial resources of an organization for the purpose of achieving the goals of sports business, at the same time providing training in the areas of sports participation, sports watching and sports services.
Directions of employment: Graduates can engage in professional sports, sports clubs, sports venues, sports centers, and associations of sports, or become retailers, manufacturers in sports industry, or even work at government agencies, non-profit organizations of sports, sports media, or work as coaches and mentors in sports fields
Directions of further education: Graduates can pursue higher education to specialize in sports management, physical education, sport science, sport information and communication, and business management in Taiwan or overseas.


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