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Hsing Wu University

Department Of Information Technology(MASTER)

Program Level
Bachelor / Master
Language of instruction
Taught in Chinese

Our department is divided into undergraduate and postgraduate study. The professional goal is to develop innovative information application technology and to cultivate ‘information technology and application/planning talents’ for the regarding industry.

Since the department’s establishment, it has been implementing pragmatic approaches to develop practical skills to students. Thus, courses are designed to provide a practical aspect to the learning process and teachers lead students to produce projects. In the teaching process, the instructor will adjust the practical content for each student’s characteristics and interests, therefore, students can realize their full potential. Also, students can select a wide range of courses depending on their own interests and abilities.

The characteristics and objectives of Master's program are focusing on technology and business applications development. The existing curriculum and training program integrate for cultivating high-level workforce. We cooperate closely with enterprises for developing students’ practical ability as well.

Master's degree program has been developed into 3 groups i.e. Information Technology Development Group, Teaching Technology Application Group and Operating Information Application Group.


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