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Hsing Wu University

Department Of Performance Art

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Taught in Chinese

Educational goal:

Our goal is to enhance professional humanities attainment, optimize industrial human resources, cultivate performing arts talents, and fortify the connection with cultural and creative industries. The main strategy of our department is to foster professionalism in performing arts talents. As having the advantage of being located in Linkou, where also the “New Taipei Media Studio lies, we expect to collaborate with the government to build a “Hollywood” in the near future.

Curriculum Information:

Courses cover a wide range of theatre and media related filed such as fundamental and advanced training of performing, music and dancing. Guided reading of plays, lyrics writing and music composition, performing relevant projects as well as interview tactics, overall design, manner qualia training are also included in the curriculum. We have planned a plenty of practical applications of cross-border performing, performing executive marketing and a diversity of activities corresponding to our courses, e.g. scheduling some annual courses given by performing gurus and attending artists. In the meanwhile, we offer students various extra-curricula such as orientation party and community-caring feast celebrations and opportunities to take internship in the related industry. We help student build up not only their dreams but a more practical approach to reach their career goals.

Teaching characteristics:

The department offers professional training and academic studies in performing arts from theory to practice. Students are offered professional education in all aspects of performing arts. We invite experienced seniors who have practical knowledge in the industry to assist teaching; we introduce strategic alliance and cooperate closely with them (e.g. I-Lin Academy etc.). In that case, students will be equipped with much broader views and have a large number of opportunities to show their talents on the platform we offer. The road to the step onto the international stage is waiting for them.


Students will be imbued with correct attitudes and recognition towards performing arts so as to acquire the professionalism and expertise appropriately in the first place and enhance their competiveness in the workplace. We obtain “school enrollment means workplace employment” as our target. Upon graduation, performing arts talents can engage themselves in performing related jobs, while performing creative talents can work on screenwriting, directing, agenting, art administration and linking jobs


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