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Hsing Wu University

Department Of Digital Design

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Digital design focuses on ‘movie visual effects and character animation design’ emphasizing the combination of digital technology tools, culture, humanities and design aesthetics.

The course offers the whole process of designing character animation and the visual effect. First, embodying the initial idea to the production of the concept art. Second, turning the concept art into the writing of the story script. Third, producing the CG model for concept art drawing and how to set up the role of the skeleton and controller for the model, learning setting the key for animation. Fourth, applying layout skills, and visual effect matte painting to post-production. Fifth, doing team project for improving time management, team working, communication and cooperation capability to effectively work with others in the future workplace.

Digital design department has well equipped facilities and offer a variety of activities e.g. professional film computer classroom, green screen studio, and animation design workshop. To catch up international trends, we invited the United States Industry light and Magic VFX production coordinator and animator who worked in Pixar Animation Studios. Through such events, students learned field working processes and techniques with professional guidance by lecturers. Additionally, we also invited the famous Taiwan television commercial director as a part-time teacher to inspire students. The department will regularly invite distinguished professionals in the industry.

Faculty of Digital design department are from diverse field backgrounds and each has more than 10 years-professional experience. Its high profile faculty members deliver best knowledge and adequate skills to students.


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