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Commercial design in this era is the core of all economic activities such as food, clothing, housing, transportation, education, music, beauty, health and business. It is intimately closed to our daily life, thus, it plays a vital role on creating important value. In this globally competitive environment, design ability is the most advantageous tool for enterprise competition. Since the government has seen this trend, it has paid special attention to develop design, education and cultural industries. This department emphasizes the combination of humanistic art and computer design, focusing on industry convergence. The purpose of this department is to cultivate ‘professional visual communication and design capability of cultural creation brand’ in order to meet the needs of the regarding industries.

Curriculum emphasizes theory and practice both. The main three courses are ‘visual communication’, ‘packaging design’, ‘cultural brand’ and other design courses. The three major courses are considerably designed to link with the cultural and creative trend and market potential.

We are strongly focusing on the implementation of practical skills with the curriculum. Therefore, we offer a broad variety of courses such as ‘Aesthetics’, ‘Graphic Design’, ‘Packaging Design’, ‘Wedding Planning and Design’ and ‘Creative Design’ etc.

Freshman courses include visual communication design, basic design, computer graphic etc. Sophomore and junior courses will focus on package design, cultural creation brand design, and composite media design to extend to advertising, packaging, marketing, planning, design etc. Senior will select industry full-time practice or publication of their own work to strengthen their design project planning and implementation capacity. It is expected to improve students’ competitiveness for future employment and further education.


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