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National Cheng Kung University

Master Program of Political Economy, Dept. of Political Science

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In order for all students to acquire an integrated knowledge of political economy, the curriculum of the Institute is divided into the core section and the elective section. The core section consists of four compulsory courses plus a master thesis. The four compulsory courses include Political Economy (I), Political Economy (II), Research Methodology in Social Sciences, and Policy Analysis. The elective section has four groups of courses: Political Institution and Public Economy, Politics of Governance and Development, Global International Political Economy, and Regional Political Economy. All students must define one major and three minor areas from the above four groups of courses after enrollment. They are required to take at least 6 credits from the major area and at least 3 credits from each minor area.

Advisor Selection Guidelines for Students of the Master's Program
CURRICULUM- Master Courses
Enforcement Guidelines for Master's Program Students' Direct Admission into the Doctorate Program in the Graduate Institute of Political Economy
Graduation Flowchart of the Master's Program Students
Graduation Process Regulations of the Master's Program Students
Graduation Requirements for Master Students
Regulations on Examinations taken by Master's Program Students


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