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National Cheng Kung University

Master of The International Institute of Medical Device Innovation(MDI)(生物醫學工程學系醫療器材創新國際碩士班)(Master)

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Above 90% taught in English
Fall / Spring

The department of BME was established in 1988 by integrating the biomechanics, medical electronic, biomedical materials, medical information and rehabilitation technology. Our history has been over 25 years, we used to be called Institute of BME, after recruiting undergraduate students in 2011, we officially change into department of BME. Now we have programs for undergraduates, graduates and Ph.D. students.

The college of Engineering of NCKU has a long history, it has over 18 departments and institutes, and the scale is the biggest in Taiwan. In 1984, the Taiwan government was promoting the 14 major construction projects; the medical school of NCKU was one of the projects. The medical school and engineering school of NCKU reach a consensus on developing biomedical engineering and seen it as our target and specialty. That’s why the department of BME has the duty and obligation to develop technologies of biomedical engineering and related filed to reach the goal.


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