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Fo Guang University

Department of Sociology

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Bachelor / Master
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Taught in Chinese
Fall / Spring

1. 本系秉承人文精神的立校宗旨,積極導引學生在人文價值的理念下進行社會學的研究與學習。 2. 本系為東台灣重點的社會學系/所,強調社會理論思考、文化現象分析,廣納全球化與在地化思路,並透過蘭陽地區的地域研究來型塑本系的發展特點。 3. 本系尚規劃「社會工作」的專業學程,協助學生培養第二學術專長,強化相關就業競爭能力。

1.The purpose of legislation is the sprit of Humanities, we actively guide students to do sociology research and learning in the concept of humanistic value. 2.Our department is the most importment in the part of East Taiwan, emphasizes the social theory of thinking, cultural phenomenon analysis, take globalization and localization of ideas, and through the regional research in Yi-lan county to develop the characteristics of the Department of plastic. 3.Planning "social work" professional courses to help students develop the second academic expertise, strengthen the relevant employment competitiveness.


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