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​Dharma Drum Institute of Liberal Arts

​Dharma Drum Institute of Liberal Arts

Department of Buddhist Studies

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BA / MS / PhD
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Taught in Chinese

A Unique Learning Environment – Integrating Academic Research, Scriptural Study and Buddhist Practice

Open to monastics and lay people alike, the department of Buddhist Studies is located at the heart of the Dharma Drum World Center for Buddhist Education. Programs offered include bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees in Buddhist Studies accredited by the Republic of China’s Ministry of Education.

Listed below are some the department’s defining features:

Joining the academic study of Buddhist history, philosophy and institutions with personal cultivation though regular Buddhist practice.
A strong emphasis on the acquisition of classical language skills (Classical Chinese, Sanskrit, Pāli & Tibetan).
An ecumenical spirit which encourages the study of all major Buddhist traditions (Indian, Chinese and Tibetan) and celebrates the diversity of Buddhist traditions.
An international campus with students from across Asia and beyond as well as exchange programs with universities throughout the world.
The training of scholars and practitioners who embody the Buddhist ethos of compassion and wisdom and strive to benefit society.
The use of information technology and open-source software to promote wider access to Buddhist teachings.


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