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​Dharma Drum Institute of Liberal Arts

​Dharma Drum Institute of Liberal Arts

Master of Community Empowerment

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Taught in Chinese

Key Features of the Curriculum
1. Offer a learning environment which promotes a caring heart, a stable mind and a joyful outlook.
2. Provide interdisciplinary education and research merging humanities, science, technology, and innovation.
3. Cultivating the ability to help create communities which promote mental and physical health and collective welfare.

Based on the Protection of the Spiritual Environment core value championed by Master Sheng Yen, the program is devoted to the cultivation of community empowerment professionals with a global vision and professional skills relating to culture, education, healthcare, science and technology, and the environment. Our vision is to help foster communities which are conducive to both spiritual well-being and social welfare.

Curriculum Directions
1. Theory and practice of community building.
2. Cultural innovation and innovative industries.
3. Science, technology, and health.
4. Community administration and education.


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