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MingDao University

企業管理學系 Department of Business Administration (B.B.A., M.B.A.)

Program Level
Bachelor / Master
Language of instruction
Under 50% taught in English
Fall / Spring

The Department of Business Administration pledges to fulfil the vision of the College of Management, which is “searching for excellence and Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability.” The goal of our department is to develop excellent entrepreneurs and managers in all aspects of business.
Our qualified graduates are expected to have the capabilities of:
1. Managerial, innovative, and entrepreneurial knowledge.
2. Planning, organization, and leadership.
3. Comprehension and problem solving.
4. Communication and coordination.
5. Work ethics.
About us
Department of Business Administration
The Department of Business Administration in the College of Management at the University of MingDao brings together multiple business disciplines to nurture a diverse and supportive learning community. The Department’s areas of expertise encompass all aspects of Business Administration, including Accounting, Entrepreneurship, Management, Marketing, Operations Management, Organization and Strategy. The Institute offers cutting-edge study programs leading to Bachelor and Master degree. The mission of the Department is to provide high quality management education and skills so that the graduates can become business leaders making significant contribution to the society.

Undergraduate Program
The mission of the undergraduate program is to encourage the development of scientific skills, creative thinking, and ethical reflection and foster self-reliance and flexibility in our students.

Master of Business Administration
Postgraduate program
The College of Management at the University of MingDao is recognized as a premier global institution for management and business leadership training. The strength of the Master of Business Administration degree is ability to provide students with technical skills and opportunities for personal growth and lifelong learning.
The goal of the MBA Program in Business Administration is to educate and train business professionals with advanced research skills and extensive knowledge in a specialized area, e.g., accounting, finance, human resources, management, organizational behavior, marketing, operations management, and international business.

Department of Business Administration is able to share experience and expertise, develop and deploy a global and international network of future leaders. Our department provides graduate students with the energetic professors with managerial knowledge from the following perspectives:

A. Academic orientation meets the needs of enterprises
1. Knowledge competition-based: focus on organizational and human resources management.
2. Time base competition: focus on information technology and operational management
3. Innovative competition-based : focus on technological innovation and transfer and technology management
4. Integration-based: focus on business model innovation and strategic management.
5. Service orientation-based: focus on customer relations and marketing management

B. Integrated and innovative course design
The main characteristic is the integrated and innovative course design.

C. Real World Practice
To catch the latest move , MBA works with many enterprises to give lectures to students , for instance , "Innovation Management" and "Practice in Business Management" with many other global firms.

D. Active and Innovative Extracurricular Activities
Students from Department of Business Administration have made opportunities to join contests, such academic conferences, case analysis competition, etc. Students can also learn the essence of leadership through hosting competitive activities.

E. Plenty of Research Projects and Intern Opportunities
Students can cooperate in research projects with instructors and firms such as National Science Council and other firms. Hence, there are plenty of opportunities of summer intern await students.

F. A prosperous Future
While at school, our department provides students with sound managerial knowledge training and extracurricular activities; after graduation, many students can be really outstanding in a lot of fields. The graduates are evidential the graduates can apply their managerial knowledge on different industries, positions and companies to achieve greatness.


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