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National Chung Cheng University

Department of Accounting and information Technology

Program Level
Bachelor / Master / Doctoral
Language of instruction
Under 50% taught in English
Fall / Spring

Teaching Features

The Department hopes to cultivate versatile accounting specialists, and get rid of old accounting courses to meet the trend and the need of enterprises. Therefore, the teaching features are as below.

●The aim of the Department is to cultivate accounting specialists who have the ability of double skills (accounting and information). Therefore, the training of the second field is valued in the courses of the Department. For example, the curriculums are combined with Electronic Commerce Program in designing.

●The courses of undergraduate program have features below.
(1) Double skills : The students are not only required to have professional knowledge, but also to have the second skills of information management.
(2) International Outlook
(3) Operation and Information of Financial Markets
(4) The Ability of Dealing with the Challenge and Flexibility

●The courses of Master Program have features below.
(1) Features : Have th Ability of Accounting and Information Technology
(2) Courses :

a. Students with the background in accounting : The cultivation of the ability of information technology is valued.
b. Students with the background in information technology : The training of the accounting and management is valued.

(3) Teaching : Teamwork is the major method of our teaching and research. There are students have background in management or engineering in each team. Due to the difference on their background and experience, this method motivates students to exchange their experience and thought on learning.

●The courses of PH.D. Program have features below.
(1) Students having background in accounting, information, or business are approved. If they intend to teach accounting, we will train them to have accounting skills and technique of information technology
(2) To build up students' abilities of integrating accounting into information technology.
(3) Doing projects or research is the main training method.


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