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Chang Gung University of Science and Technology

Graduate Institute of Health Industry Technology

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(1)“Health”-oriented industrial development policy, training of outstanding professionals.
Given the importance of beauty and health to modern life and in order to provide people with better quality of life and meet the needs of the time, the institute uses its rich corporate and educational resources as the basis to synergize with the resources of Formosa Plastics Group and Chang Gung Medical Foundation and fully develop its own strength and characteristics. The curriculum is employment-oriented, aiming to nurture high-end professionals.

(2) Complete education and research development environment for health industry and technology field.
With a sophisticated and high-quality learning environment, the school combines educational resources, corporate resources and medical resources, trains the students to integrate different health professions and equips them with theoretical and practical interdisciplinary abilities in health and nutrition, cosmetic medicine, health behavior and technological marketing and management.

(3) Provision of interdisciplinary experts of the health industry to the society and corporate.
The institute aims to enhance the compatibility of graduates in the workplaces through instruction and application of interdisciplinary health professional knowledge in order to effectively pursuit professional growth and grasp the advantage and social movement while meeting the society and corporate’s demands for versatile talents in the health industry.

(4) Link the academic research and industrial technology to accomplish translational science.
The distinct feature of the Institute of Health Industry and Technology is that our coverage extends from active screening to clinical trials in order to connect basic research and practical industrial research. Riding on the development trend of the industry, we emphasize on both academic research and industrial practice, promote cooperation between schools and industry and closely connect the academia and industry so that the academia can understand the technical requirements of the industry and the latter has the opportunity to put forward to the academia techniques and platforms that are lacking. The institute aims to provides an effective bridge between the industry and academia, nurture R&D personnel with both theoretical knowledge and practical experiences.


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