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Chung Chou University of Science and Technology

Chung Chou University of Science and Technology

Department of Hospitality Management

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Language of instruction
Under 50% taught in English
Fall / Spring

* We try to cultivate middle-class leaders with high degree of enthusiasm for sightseeing hotels, and hotel professionals with planning and management knowledge.
*We also cultivate students to obtain basic catering service ability: Assisting students to pass domestic professional C-class licenses of Meals Service, Bartending, Beverage Modulation, etc., and helping students to pass the CHS certificate held by American Restaurants Association.
*Cultivating basic foreign language ability:Our students receive professional English, Japanese listening and speaking training, so our students have basic foreign language listening and speaking ability for the needs of tourism service industry, because appropriate communication assures the best service.
*Cultivating students with professional and dedicated management abilities for catering industry: Through pragmatic course planning, accompanied by close contact with high quality hotels for internship experience, we hope that our students can be familiar with the operation and culture of professional field while they are still learning in the school. By doing so, our students can combine their knowledge with work and to accumulate practical experience to fulfill leadership training, preparing them for taking the responsibility of guest rooms and catering jobs.
*We train our students with knowledge of hotel safety management, emergency response skills, and crisis management capabilities.


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