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National Chung Cheng University

Institute of Strategy and International Affairs

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Fall / Spring

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Strategic Studies and International Relations (IR) not only are important fields of study in their own right, but also provide knowledge and theoretical tools necessary for those interested in understanding and advancing Taiwan’s geo-political and geo-economic position in East Asia. According to the traditional division of labor, such disciplinary orientation is usually incorporated as part of a graduate school of diplomacy, political science, or regional studies. The ISIA hence stands out as one of very few graduate institutes in Taiwan that emphasize security and strategic studies in particular.

With the generous support from various governmental bodies and relentless efforts of the faculty, the ISIA positions itself as an active and vibrant academic center in Central and Southern Taiwan. We have created a research community that pursues excellence in related fields. We also aim at providing students with practical knowledge and skills helpful for career building.

Course Structure

Many courses in the ISIA are interdisciplinary, but they can generally be categorized into three areas: International Relations and International Affairs, Asia-Pacific Security and Strategy, Policy Science and Strategic Management. At the intersection among these three areas are three core/compulsory courses: Theories of International Relations, Methodology of Social Science, and Strategic Planning and Problem-Solving. Click here for the course map of the ISIA.


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