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As a research area, labor study in Taiwan has been comparatively ignored. Labor management issues have also been neglected in enterprises. The core care of labor study is every laborer and the relations between employees, employers and the government. And it becomes more and more important in this changing world. But there is still lack of research in labor relations in our country. Thus, the Institute for Labour Research was founded in August, 1991. Then, the Department of Labor Relations was founded in September eight years later. In order to speed up the training and education of labor management professionals, In-Service Master Program was founded in September, 1999. Professors in the department are doing their best in teaching, researching, promoting and international academic exchanging in labor issues. We hope to strengthen the research power in this area.

The education of the department is focus on two topics, one is labor relations and policy, the other is labor market and employment. We study labor issues from the knowledge of labor relations, labor economy, labor sociology and human resource management, etc. Our research goal is to build up the Taiwanese theory in labor relations, and study key local issues by referencing the experiences abroad. In the end, we hope to form institutions that helpful for the balance between the development of our economy and the welfare of our society.


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