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National Chung Cheng University

Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

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Master / Doctoral
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Under 50% taught in English
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The Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at the National Chung Cheng University (DC&BC-CCU) was founded in 1992 in the college of science. The Department is a comprehensive department granting bachelor's, master's, and Ph.D. degrees. We are strongly committed to excellence in education and research in the fundamental chemical sciences, such as organic, bio, inorganic, analytical, physical chemistry, as well as exploring the connections between chemistry and the other natural sciences. To achieve this goal we have implemented two certificate programs in the biochemistry and material chemistry.

The Department currently has currently has 18 full-time faculty members and 4 staff members, over 140 graduate students and 200 undergraduate students. Every faculty member in the Department conducts active chemistry-related research covering a broad range of topics at the forefront of modern chemistry. Our brand-new department building was completed in the summer of 2007 to accommodate state-of-the-art laboratories, modern classrooms and ample space for meeting and discussion. The Department also provides a collection of cutting-edge shared equipments to help students advance their ideas and understanding of science.

The Department has a long-standing tradition of collaborative interactions in chemical research. Members from the Department are actively engaged in joint research programs with scientists in CCU campus and from other institutes and organizations. Because the multidisciplinary programs are organized around important new chemical areas, they ferment new ideas and lead naturally to cooperative or leveraged research efforts. Members of the Department have successfully obtained funding to establish the Center for Nano Bio-Detection, which focuses on nano-biosensing technology, and the Instrument Center, which serves as the core facility of the University.

For those of you who are interested in basic chemistry, or are passionate for scientific discovery, or have an appreciation for the unconventional and frontier research programs, you are most welcome to join us, or at least pay us a visit. We are located in a beautiful campus covered with Judas trees on an eastern hill of Min-Hsiung, Chia-Yi.


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