University & Program

Tzu Chi University

Master Program in Physiological and Anatomical Medicine, School of Medicine

Program Level
Language of instruction
Above 90% taught in English
Fall / Spring

Training the teaching and researching master with integrating the knowledge and applications in the fields of cellular to systematic medicine.

Core abilities after graduation
1. Having the knowledge and experimental skills for physiological and anatomical fields.

2. Having the presenting abilities for professional knowledge.

3. Having the ethnics for researching and working circumstance.

Research fields in our faculty
1. Neuroscience fields, including the neurodegeneration, neuroregeneration, pain sensation, stress responses…etc.

2. Cardiovascular fields, including the central regulation, hypertension, drug abuse-related cardiovascular disorders…etc.

3. Respiratory fields, including the mechanisms of asthma and sleep apnea…etc.

4. Reproductive fields, including the sperm motility and regulation of female hormones…etc.

5. Energy Metabolism fields, including the pathophysiology of insulin resistance, diabetes, gluconeogenesis…etc.

6. Biological Clock fields, including the shift work and jet lag-related disorders…etc.


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Office of International Affairs
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