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National Chung Cheng University

Doctoral Program in Ambient Intelligent and Smart Systems (AISS)

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Above 90% taught in English
Fall / Spring

Doctoral Program in Ambient Intelligent and Smart Systems (AISS) is a new program established in 2016 by College of Engineering at National Chung Cheng University. The faculty members in the program are the engineering professors from all the departments in the college, including Dept. of Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Communications Engineering and institute of Opto-mechatronics.

The study of AISS is to combine several academic disciplines or professional specializations in an approach to a research topic. The program offers a comprehensive courses and research topics for the students to explore the fields of Ambient Intelligent and Smart Systems from a scientific and engineering point of view. The training of interdisciplinary integration in the program will strengthen students' research skills while challenging them to solve complex problems across the need of industries.


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