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Meiho University

Department of Culture Creativity

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1. Departmental features: based on the creative thinking of the text, the use of technology, is the biggest feature of the department! The characteristics of culture, through the interpretation of metalworking techniques and wood skills, can create distinctive values. The department has established a metalworking and wood art laboratory with specifications higher than the requirements of enterprises. It is also a studio for students. Enter the school is to enter the road of entrepreneurship and employment.
2. Diversified internship options: Through the matching planning of courses and credits, establish a multi-disciplinary professional internship mode, and select suitable students to participate in the professional internships of the semester/scholar/winter and summer vacations in the domestic or overseas industry.
3. Coaching for the license:
(1) Communication/marketing: IPMA International/PMP Project Manager, TQC Office Application, etc.
(2) Exhibition/Current: Conference and Exhibition Professional Certification, Specialist General Guide Guide/Leader, Youth Activity Planner, CPPM (CPMP) China Project Manager, CPMS China Project Planner, etc.
(3) Design/Collection: Web design B/C level technician, advertising design B/C level technician, gold and silver jewelry processing B/C level technician, ACA design, computer 2D/3D animation application, etc.


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