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Meiho University

Department of Health Business Administration

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1. The department was originally a medical management department. It was established in 1995 and is the only department in the Pingtung area related to medical management.
2. In the cooperation of teachers, curriculum planning, facilities and equipment, and medical institutions, long-term institutions, drugstores, we have established a good pipeline and model to build students, so that students have the ability to manage the health industry and medical institutions.
3. Introduce the teaching of health promotion management, enable students to have community and Yinfa health promotion management skills, combined with the health information application credit course, to develop students with health information analysis, health management and health care software application capabilities.
4. Coaching and obtaining licenses: medical record information specialist, disease classifier (member), medical information specialist, medical specialist, medical plan specialist, health promotion specialist, health insurance technician, health insurance specialist, fitness guidance Teacher and so on. In 2014-2016, the students of the department obtained 130 medical plan management specialists, 76 case information management specialists and 64 medical information management personnel. The results were fruitful.
5. Employment orientation: Mainly related to medical administration, health promotion/marketing/career management in medical institutions or health industry.


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