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Tatung University

Tatung University

Department of Chemical Engineering

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BA / MS / PhD
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Taught in Chinese

Department of Chemical Engineering, established in 1970, has fostered excellent expertise and outstanding personal character among our students. The Master Program initiated in 1982 and the Doctoral Program in 1986 balance chemical engineering fundamentals with industrial technology. Since 1970s, the Department has educated distinguished scholars and technical leaders. Currently, the department has 15 full-time faculty members, approximately 350 undergraduates, 40 Master Program students, and 2 Doctoral Program students. Today, our faculty is involved in research programs not only in the traditional chemical engineering fields, but also actively in developing nanotechnology, high-tech materials science, resources and environmental protection, and sustainable energy and so on.

Primary Research Areas:
Chemical Manufacturing Process Technology:
Process System Engineering; System Optimization; Separation Process; Process Simulation; Catalyst; Fluidization.
Energy and Environment Technology:
Dye-sensitized Solar Cell; Nano-materials; Bio-oil; Biomass Conversion; Fuel Reforming; Environmental Separation Process; Waste minimization.
High Polymeric Top-ranked Materials:
Organic / inorganic Hybrid Materials; Photo-electronic Polymeric Materials; Bio-medical and Intelligent Hydrogel Materials; Semi-conductive Polymeric Materials.
Liquid Crystalline and Photoelectric Materials:
Novel Liquid Crystalline Materials and Photo-electric Materials; Electro(photo)luminescence Polymeric Materials.

Core Courses:
Engineering Mathematics, Organic Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Transport Phenomena and Unit Operation, Polymer Chemistry, Chemical Thermodynamics, Chemical Reaction Engineering
Advanced Transport Phenomena, Advanced Chemical Engineering Kinetics, Advanced Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics, and Advanced Numerical Method;
Advanced Organic Syntheses, Advanced Organic Analysis, Advanced Polymer Chemistry, and Advanced Physical Properties of Polymer


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