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Chang Gung University of Science and Technology

Department of Cosmetic Science

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Healthy nursing cosmetology is the characteristic of the Department and the future goals include the following:
1. To cultivate specialists in nursing cosmetology is the goal of Department and to fulfill the characteristic of healthy nursing cosmetology.
2. Arrangement for students to work place, to combine theory with practice and to strengthen the practice course.
3. All the students are well-trained and taught for the purpose of attaining professional certificates and enhancing their competitiveness.
4. Through the cooperation with Sunshine Social Welfare Foundation, Childhood Burn Foundation of The Republic of China and Chang Gung Memorial Hospital of Burn Center, in order to combine cosmetics skills with medical cosmetology, development of blemish-concealing mainly aims at hiding damage and marks on the face.

The Department is equipped with cosmetic practice classrooms, skin-care practice classrooms, analysis rooms, medicine cosmetic practice classrooms, cosmetics modulation rooms and many special instruments for teaching and learning.


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