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Chang Gung University of Science and Technology

Department of Nutrition and Health Sciences

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In modern society, with enhancements to quality of life, efforts involved in maintaining health and wellness, promoting a healthy lifestyle, and preventing illnesses have become crucial for medical science development.
In accordance with this trend, the Department of Nutrition and Health Sciences has made it its objective to prepare its students to become outstanding professionals who are knowledgeable in multiple facets of the health and nutrition fields, including the areas of meals for convalescence, nutrition education, healthy food marketing, and maintenance of a healthy diet.
Upon graduation, the students will become valuable professionals in the health-care field and work to promote healthy diet for all members of society. The Department began recruiting students for the four-year program in 2009. The students enrolled from high schools and vocational high schools majoring in restaurant-management or food science related areas. During their four years' study, the students are encouraged to take a variety of proficiency tests related to the field. A bachelor's degree is awarded upon completion of all the course requirements. After the graduates pass the National Dietician Examination, they will become qualified professionals in the nutrition and health sciences field.


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