University & Program

Da-Yeh University

Department of Medicinal Botanicals and Foods on Health Applications

Program Level
Bachelor / Master / Doctoral
Language of instruction
Under 50% taught in English
Fall / Spring

The department cultivates students with professional quality and research and development skills in the "Chinese Medicine Health Application Field" or "Food Science Application Field" through the academic program specialization division mode. The teaching and research of the department fully demonstrate the application development characteristics of "Chinese medicine and food health care" and the academic concept of "equal emphasis on theory and practice", improve students' management and management skills in the fields of Chinese medicine health care and food science applications, and actively cooperate with food and pharmaceutical technology related companies. Cooperation, for students to train in winter and summer vacations or full-time internship courses. The department also has a dual education system with Texas Health Science and Technology University. In addition to being admitted to domestic public and private universities for further studies in food, biology, medicine and other related fields, graduates are mostly employed in food, biology, medicine and other related companies, and many outstanding innovative and creative alumni have successfully started their own businesses.


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