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Da-Yeh University

Master Program of Design and Materials for Medical Equipment and Devices

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Language of instruction
Under 50% taught in English
Fall / Spring

The Educational objectives of Design and Materials for Medical Equipment and Devicesat Da Yeh University:

Educate the students with the fundamental knowledge in materials science so that they will be capable of applying this knowledge to the practice in materials engineering.

Emphasize the importance of both knowledge and practice. Educate the students so that they have ability of theory analysis, implementation of test and problem solving.

Cultivate the students with ethics of profession and teamwork, and exhort them to continuously explore new knowledge in material engineering from both local and global societies so that they can become professional talents with international vision.
Educational Outcomes of Design and Materials for Medical Equipment and Devices at Da Yeh University:
1–1 The graduates should possess the fundamental knowledge of mathematics and sciences required in the field of materials science and engineering.
1–2 The graduates should possess the professional knowledge on material thermodynamics, physico-metallurgy and material manufacturing, and the ability on material analyses.
1–3 The graduates should possess the fundamental knowledge of different materials and their corresponding application potentials.
2–1 The graduate should possess the ability in design, planning and implementation of testing, interpretation of test results, discovery of problem and problem solving in order to reach the educational objectives of equal emphasis in theory and practice.
2–2 Through the practice on exercise and senior project, the ability of independent thinking, analysis and problem solving of the students are trained up. The ability of written and verbal report is also cultivated.
2–3 Through the senior project and industry-academic cooperation, the professional talents that the enterprises needed are cultivated.
3–1 Teach the students about the cognitive specialty and engineering ethics, and cultivate them with holistic character and team spirit.
3–2 The graduates should acquire basic second language ability, basic legal knowledge and cultivation of humanities.
3–3 The graduates should be cultivated with the habit and ability of lifelong learning, and the relevant topics of globalization.


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