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Da-Yeh University

Department of Business Administration

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Under 50% taught in English
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There are 8 college day classes, 4 college night classes, 2 master day classes and 2 master night classes. There are 653 students at the department.
The Business Administration Department (BA) opened with a graduate program in 1991, with an undergraduate program beginning in 1992. It offers undergraduate and master's (including MBA and EMBA) degrees. In 2016, BA now has over 700 students and 14 faculty members from renowned universities (including 8 associate professors, 5 assistant professors and 1 lecturer).

BA aims to cultivate students’ professional, communicative, cooperative and innovative capabilities, to meet the industrial requirements of professional corporate unit managers, CEOs or entrepreneurs, especially in the service industry. We equip our students with integrated management knowledge and skills. The integrated management knowledge includes five core fields: production and operation; marketing; human resources; research and development; and finance.

So far, 4,158 students have graduated from BA, including 2,825 students with bachelor degrees, 588 students with masters of business administration (MBA) degrees and 745 students with executive masters of business administration (EMBA) degrees.


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