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Da-Yeh University

Fire Protection and Safety Engineering Technology Program

Program Level
Language of instruction
Under 50% taught in English
Fall / Spring

The department aims to cultivate and train all encompassing professionals with basic scientific knowledge of fire protection and broad views on disaster prevention and safety.
The department aims at 100% awardance of professional certificates and 100% employment rate for new graduates. At present, the department has signed cooperative agreements with the National Fire Agency, Ministry of the Interior; well-known domestic and foreign fire safety producers; the Chinese Fire Protection Engineer's Association Union; Fire Protection Engineer's Association; Taiwan Fire Industry Association etc. for a total of more than 40 organizations. The signees agreed to proceed with exchange and sharing of the bilateral spaces, facilities, books and information, teaching capacities and laboratories, so as to cultivate talents specialized in fire safety facility design, overseeing and inspection on building fire safety, reporting, fire prevention and disaster prevention etc.


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