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Da-Yeh University

Bachelor Program of Green Product Design

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Under 50% taught in English
Fall / Spring

Since 1992 the United Nations has called for the attention and taken actions on the Agenda for Sustainable Development. It leads to the environment requirements in the nation to go along with the trend of green schools. Since the year of 2000, the ministry of education has promoted the concept of green campus for the sustainability action, starting from teaching, recycling, administration, green architecture and space to promote the environment education and environmental awareness. Since then the concept of green life has been becoming popular. This program is built upon the trend and goes into green design, green production and green marketing to fulfill the industry need. Thus this program strives on green products to realize green life starting from the base of this green campus.
The bachelor program of green product design starting from design unto product such that the environment damage occurred in production, manufacturing, usage and even to the recycling of the products can be reduced to the minimum level. It is even possible to turn harms into benefits in the treatment of the waste and make it as the raw material of other industry so that new business model, business product and economy could evolve.
This program is divided into two groups: green energy technology and green home appliances. The former focuses on solar energy and LED, developing green energy and related transport vehicle. The latter focuses on color and profile design of home appliances such as mugs, back packs, water pots, etc.


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