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National Kaohsiung University of Hospitality and Tourism

International Bachelor Program of Culinary Arts

Program Level
Language of instruction
Above 90% taught in English

Bachelor's Degree Program
The program is the only International Program offering Chinese Culinary education in Asia. It is designed to provide students with applicable knowledge and skills for the principles and practices of Chinese Culinary Arts.
The curriculum focuses on key competencies related to culinary, pastry and food services/hospitality management.
Core study topics include:
1. Cuisine of China, Taiwan, Japan and Western
2. Fundamental and advance cooking and pastry methods/techniques
3. Management, cost control, nutrition and menu development
4. Banquet and catering operations
5. Food and wine pairing
6.One-year Internship

Program Objectives
Students will be able to :
1. Develop hands-on skills in Culinary arts with specializing in Chinese cookery by learning a variety of different cooking styles and applying the essential foundation skills found in Chinese cuisine.
2. Prepare students for employment by developing hospitality management skills in a variety of different ways including team leadership, problem-solving skills, strategic, administrative and marketing concepts and effective time management for positions in Hotels and F&B organizations.
3. Demonstrate the fluent and practical use of English in a culinary context that will allow you to carry out your working functions with English speaking countries or personnel.
4. Identify ways to effectively handle different ingredients and food resources, to design and produce menus to meet the highest quality standards for customer/business requirements and market trends.


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